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What is your facebook page worth???

Unless you've been living in a cave for the last few years, you've probably hear that social media sites like facebook, twitter, youtube and others are a great way to drive traffic to you website. But how do you know what your return on investmetn is for all the time, money and effort you put into your social media? Just like with any good advertising campaing, you need a way to measure and track results. At Scottsdale Website Desgin, we love to keep up on the latest trends to help our clients, and that why I was really excited to discover a great new tool that actually measures the value of your FaceBook page.  It's called the Vitrue Social  Page Evaluator, and it analyses your Fa ...

Kickstart Your Business Idea...

Anyone who's ever tried to start a business knows that one of the biggest obstacles funding - AKA green-backs, dinero money.  In fact, under capitalization (the lack of money) can be one of the biggest factors in success or failure. But an inovate new website calle is here to help. This website is designed to help artists, musicians, designers and entrepreneurs get seed money to get their ideas off the ground.  It could be anything from starting an organic bakery to getting money for a musican to record their next album. And it's a great deal for the investors as well as the entrepreneurs. Typically instead of ownership in the business, the investors get some type o ...

What's in a name... 5 rules to choosing a website URL

Ever wonder what makes you prefer one business over another when they seem more or less equal? Maybe one has a nicer looking store, friendlier staff or better service. Now a days your customers will often visit your website first before deciding if they'll ever take the next step to speak with you, purchase your products or visit your store (if you even have one). This is where having a strong online brand will make the difference between attracting a new customer or having them just click away. While I could write all day about the differnt aspects of branding, on this post I want to talk about one very important aspect of branding, choosing a good website URL, (AKA. ...

Should You Ever Text Message a Client?

As a business school graduate and small business owner, I've always been taught to look and act professional. After all, you want to put your best foot forward.  Things like wearing a shirt and tie for meetings, returning phone calls promptly and of course, never text message a client. Or should you??? The other day I ran into this dilemma with one of our clients here at Scottsdale Website Design. I had emailed him some information about his project and the next thing I know my cell phone is buzzing. But not with a phone call, but a text message from Chad.  So natrually I texted him back with the answer to his question. Honestly, communicating with a client via text message was ver ...

Is Flash Dead- How the iPad & iPhone Killed Flash

I started off my design/multimedia career as a flash designer before I ever learned to build websites. Back in those days, flash was all the rage, and a lot of people couldn't wait to push the bounderies and see what I could really do. But like everything else on the Internet, it grew and evolved. But despite it gaining market dominance as the best web animation software, in the last year or so it's really ran into a few huge road blocks. The biggest of which comes from the ever popular iPhone and new iPad. These amazing little devices seem to be able to do just about anything, except for show flash content on a website. Apple has blocked the release of the flash plugin on these devices, cla ...

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